Amazing WordPress Blogs You Should Follow

WordPress is a very flexible platform that helps you grow your blog or business, or whatever that may be.

The great thing about WordPress is, it has tens of thousands of themes and plugins that let you do pretty much anything you can imagine.

However, there was one thing that’s missing, a learning hub. You would need guides and tutorials to set up your site and choose the right themes, plugins, hosts, etc.

But now, you don’t need to worry about it. There are plenty of WordPress blogs out there to help you out.

Here I’ll be sharing a list of 50 Best WordPress Blogs to follow in 2019 to help you with everything related to WordPress.

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Let’s jump right into the list.

1. WPBeginner

How can we talk about WordPress blogs without mentioning WPBeginner?

Founded in 2009 by Syed Balki, this site is a bona fide powerhouse when it comes to WordPress tutorials.

Syed started this blog because he found out that all the WordPress tutorials on the Internet were written by developers for developers, and he wanted to change that. That’s how he’s grown WPBeginner to be the largest WordPress blog in the world, with over 320k subs.

(Follow this blog if you are into…Learning WordPress As A Beginner)

2. CodeinWP

Founded in 2013 by Ionut Neagu, this is another excellent WordPress blog.

This blog talks about everything related to WordPress. Not only do they discuss the design and development elements but also the freelancing aspect and how to make money with your WordPress blog.

It’s a major hub of activity and discussion for WordPress users and developers.

(Follow this blog if you are intoWordPress blog, Development, & Monetization)

3. WPExplorer

A very popular elite theme author on ThemeForest.

They started by selling themes on ThemeForest. They’re probably best known for their Total multipurpose theme, which you can purchase on ThemeForest alongside their other themes.

They share free themes on their blog, and they also write reviews of plugins and themes, as well as how-to tutorials.

(Follow this blog if you are into…WordPress Tips, Tutorials, & Resources)

4. WinningWP

Brin Wilson created WinningWP to share tips, insights, and resources with other WordPress users.

This blog covers a wide variety of WordPress-related topics, everything from WordPress themes and plugins to marketing & SEO for WordPress users.

The tutorials that they post on the site are always highly detailed.

(Follow this blog if you are into…WordPress Tips & Resources)

5. Torque

Toque was created by the famous WordPress specialized hosting team, WP Engine. It was founded in 2013.

Torque is mostly focused on WordPress news. They focus less on plugins and themes reviews, opting instead to post “news you can use” based on any WordPress content in general but also specifically based on tutorial-focused content, which helps you up your WordPress and blogging game.

This is the blog where you should keep your eye on to get latest WordPress news.

(Follow this blog if you are into…Getting WordPress News)

6. WP Tavern

Founded by Jeff Chandler in 2009, the blog has since grown so massive that it was sold in 2011.

The new owner was unknown until 2013 when much to everyone’s surprise none other than Matt Mullenweg announced that he had acquired the site!

Yes, that’s right, the site is owned by the co-founder of WordPress. Matt intended to make this the 3rd community for WordPress users, and he delivers on that.

You can expect to hear about WordPress news faster than everyone else. They also talk about BuddyPress, bbPress, and any project under the Automattic umbrella.

There is also a weekly podcast if you want to listen to WordPress news.

(Follow this blog if you are into…WordPress News)

7. WPLift

WPLift was created in 2010 by Oliver Dale. The blog is now viewed by hundreds of thousands of WordPress users every year.

The site shares detailed tutorials, plugin reviews, and roundup plugin posts.

They also share weekly WordPress news, which gives you a quick look at what’s currently going on in the industry.

Then there’s my personal favorite feature, monthly free themes roundup, where, you guessed it, they share the best free themes for that month.

You really need to check out their roundup posts; they’re some of the best WordPress blog posts out there.

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8. WPKube

WPKube was founded by Dev Sharma.

Featured in magazines such as Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur magazine, and many others, WPKube creates high-quality tutorials to help you with any problems you might face on WordPress.

Another great thing about WPKube is that they have very talented staff writers who do detailed reviews for WordPress themes, hosting, and plugins, so you can make an informed decision about whether to go with any given tool for your specific business.

(Follow this blog if you are into…WordPress Themes, Plugins, & Tutorials)

9. WP Superstars

As their tagline, “WordPress. Simplified,” suggests, WP Superstars aims to simplify everything related to WordPress, freeing you to spend your time on other things that will grow your business.

In real terms, what this means is that they focus on highly actionable, easy-to-follow tutorials that help you be a superstar when it comes to WordPress.

Its a great blog for WordPress users who feel like they’re spending too much time trying to figure everything out on their own.

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10. WPLeaders

This is the blog you’re currently reading. It was founded by Hesham Zebida, the owner of FamousBloggers.

The blog hadn’t been updated regularly, so I purchased it, and then I started updating the old content and publishing new posts regularly. Since then, it’s growing rapidly.

Now I’m on a mission to make this a powerhouse site for all WordPress users.

(Follow this blog if you are into…WordPress Themes, Plugins, Hosts, Services, & More)

11. IsItWP Blog

IsItWP is a technology lookup tool that allows you to check what WordPress hosting, themes, and plugins a site is using.

It has an awesome blog that helps you to learn WordPress. Their tutorial posts are top-notch. They also publish posts on best WordPress themes, plugins, and tools.

If you want to learn WordPress, you need to check this blog.

(Follow this blog if you are into…WordPress Tutorials)

12. Templatic

Templatic is a Premium WordPress Themes provider. They have been helping non-technical and business persons create their own websites using WordPress Themes.

The idea behind their blog is to help people choose a theme and build their website on their own. The blog is a collection of tutorials and other WordPress resources to help business owners create their own internet identity.

It covers everything from choosing a theme, how to create a niche website, how to promote it, how to maintain, and other useful tips and tricks for WordPress website building and maintenance.

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