Software solutions for environmental enginneering, foundation engineering and soil mechanics

The geoengineering programming suite covering a wide scope of utilizations in geotechnical configuration, site examination and research center investigation. Credit Card Relief The projects are utilized by geotechnical, basic and general experts, site examination firms, plan workplaces, government organizations and colleges.

Acclimation with the projects is brisk in light of the predictable and easy to understand Windows interface everything being equal. Each program is furnished with straightforward client manuals. A help hotline is additionally accessible for specialized help.

All projects are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get), guaranteeing ophisticated report quality yield in Windows genuine sort text styles. Shading yield and bitmap designs are upheld. Yield from all GGU projects can be “reorder” into different Windows projects, for example, word processors and spreadsheets.

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Geotechnical Analysis

Venture situated answers for incorporating steadiness examinations

Geohydraulic Analysis

Stream cycles of groundwater and mass vehicle counts

Field Investigation

Boring, entrance tests, stratigraphy, siphoning tests, information perception, mass count, area plans

Research facility Analysis

From Atterberg (pliancy graph) to water content tests

Permit Options

On the accompanying pages you will discover all the data about the distinctive permit models and the permit coupling.