The 20 most popular WordPress themes

Lately we have made a gigantic examination and investigated 100.000 WordPress locales that were made in the start of June 2018, so they are about 3 months old.
Vybez kartel

We needed to see which WordPress topics are the most well known among new destinations. Here are the energizing outcomes.

In 15.234 cases we were unable to decide the specific subject. The other 84.766 destinations share 17.029 distinctive WordPress topics (or sub-subjects/custom subjects) which is somewhat of a unimaginable decent variety.

We have discovered 11.065 various topics (like “end” or “zyra”) that were just utilized once out of these 100.000 cases. These numbers are very crazy.

Be that as it may, we should see very mainstream ones and the number occasions they were utilized out of 100.000.

The 20 most well known WordPress subjects among new destinations

1. TwentySeventeen – utilized by 3995 destinations

I believe it’s nothing unexpected that twentyseventeen came out on the head of this rundown. This subject is the default topic for WordPress, each time you start another site it’s preinstalled with twentyseventeen. I trust it’s an incredible subject to begin with, on the off chance that you have no clue about WordPress, you can learn it rapidly by utilizing this fundamental topic.

2. Divi – utilized by 3526 destinations

It’s a business subject and site manufacturer arrangement. I’m somewhat shocked by its runner up (thinking about the cost), yet most likely it’s essentially utilized by individuals who know precisely what they are doing and not by the individuals who are new to online presence and simply enrolled their absolute first website attempting to discover how WordPress functions.

It’s a finished and expert across the board site manufacturer arrangement with attractive layouts and everything packaged. In the event that you have the cash however don’t have the opportunity to make a site by chasing for the correct topics and modules, simply pick Divi.

3. OceanWP – utilized by 1914 destinations

It’s a free subject that is getting broadly well known nowadays. As indicated by their landing page they just passed 700.000 downloads, so it’s nothing unexpected this topic got so high on this rundown.

4. Avada – utilized by 1482 destinations

As per their site it’s the number 1 smash hit subject in 5 years. It might be valid, in our examination Divi proved to be the best, however we have just investigated 100.000 destinations, and furthermore we needed to explore new locales, not simply locales as a rule.

5. BeTheme – utilized by 1154 destinations

Another subject for hard money. It’s said to accompany 370+ prebuilt sites. I have not utilized it by and by, however it sound like you simply need to pick one and introduce a full arrangement. On the off chance that you are not knowledgeable about site building and furthermore not generally keen on picking up the information, this arrangement may come convenient.

6. Encase – utilized by 912 destinations

The lead WordPress subject of Kriesi. It’s advanced for speed and ease of use, another mainstream business topic.

7. TwentySixteen – utilized by 875 locales

The past WordPress official topic, actually holding up on seventh spot.

8. Paper – utilized by 849 locales

As its name proposes, this topic is ideal in the event that you need to make an online paper. It has all the fancy odds and ends, and yet it likewise costs cash and you might need to look at ColorMag which is an incredible free other option.

9. Astra – utilized by 844 destinations

A beautiful and profoundly adaptable subject that was streamlined for execution. It has been introduced over 100.000 occasions and however it’s additionally a business subject it’s the main business one on this rundown which likewise has a free form that you can download and attempt before buying.

10. Sydney – utilized by 722 destinations

A profoundly adaptable subject streamlined for independent ventures. It likewise has a demo form that you can download and use before going Pro.

11. Flatsome – utilized by 717 destinations

It’s publicized as the #1 top rated WooCommerce and Business subject. On the off chance that you need to introduce a profoundly adaptable WP topic for WooCommerce, it appears to be that Flatsome is the most well known arrangement.

12. Customer facing facade – utilized by 676 locales

Customer facing facade is the authority WordPress topic for WooCommerce and just came in twelfth right under Flatsome. It’s free and has over 2.5 million downloads. On the off chance that you intend to open a little webshop with no extra costs, at that point it might be the best answer for you.

13. Scaffold – utilized by 607 locales

Lead topic of QODE it’s a multi-reason business topic with a great deal of pre-fabricated models.

14. ColorMag – utilized by 552 locales

Here it goes ahead the fourteenth spot, one of my undisputed top choice topics. I have utilized it a few times and as yet utilizing it on a portion of my locales. It’s an incredible little topic that can be utilized for nothing out of pocket (however it additionally has a genius form) and is truly appropriate for any sort of online magazine or blog you might need to dispatch.

15. Hestia – utilized by 480 destinations

Hestia is a notable subject by ThemeIsle. You can get it, however there is a free form which you can download and utilize.

16. GeneratePress – utilized bye 471 locales

A lightweight topic downloaded over 1.5 multiple times. It’s free yet additionally has an exceptional rendition.

17. TwentyFifteen – utilized by 469 destinations

Still on the radar, WordPress’ legitimate topic from 2015.

18. Remarkable – utilized by 453 locales

A multi-reason business subject by ThemeNectar.

19. The7 – utilized by 447 destinations

It’s publicized as the most adaptable WordPress subject available. It has pre-assemble sites and endless methods of tweaking them.

20. X – utilized by 374 destinations

In reality on the twentieth spot BeaverBuilder came out, however I’m certain we will get to them on the Plugins page, since it’s somewhat a site developer module that can live with different topics.

So we presented the baffling X topic. The beginning of another period as promoted? All things considered, we will see…

So which WordPress subject would it be a good idea for you to utilize?

As you see, even the “most famous” TwentySeventeen topic is just utilized by 3,9% of new sites while the twentieth on our rundown is utilized by 0,374% as it were! There are around 80 subjects that surfaced above 1% and about 1.000 topics that are utilized by in excess of 10 new sites.

So there is an immense assortment of topics and it’s for all intents and purposes difficult to attempt them all.

On our best 20 rundown there are topics which are totally free, subjects that must be utilized subsequent to buying them and a few ones which are business topics, yet have a free form and can be moved up to professional later.

In the event that you are new to this world and have quite recently begun your online profession then I would state pick a free one until you get acquainted with the WordPress idea and modules as a rule.

On the off chance that you as of now have some understanding or come up short on an opportunity to try, thenpick and buy an expert arrangement.

As you see, a few topics are more appropriate for explicit purposes, you ought to likewise choose whether you simply need to have a cool blog, an eCommerce website or an online magazine and pick your subject in like manner.

In the event that you need to get a few motivations, you can peruse our irregular picks and see which one you like.

After each pick we have incorporated the WordPress topic utilized (if this data was accessible), so you may very well arbitrarily chance upon the topic you had always wanted!

On the off chance that you are keen on the Top 1000 topics utilized by new wordpress locales, if it’s not too much trouble buy in here or in the top part of the sidebar!

What subject do you use? Suggest us and your kindred perusers a mystery jewel!

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