Yeh Rishta

Naitik Singhania Karan Mehra[13] 2009–2016 Akshara’s loved one, Naksh and Naira’s father, Raj Shekhar and Gayatri’s youngster, Rashmi’s senior kin. Introduced as the certified offspring of the Singhania family and a successful account director, Naitik had a sorted out marriage with Akshara that created to a create relationship, with shared love, respect and stress for each other. Post Akshara’s passing, he with no assistance managed his children, and later on, the character’s part in the game plan was reduced to a tedious one after Akshara’s destruction.  fuse Akshara’s senior kin, Shaurya’s sentimental story with her nearest buddy Varsha who marry and deliver a young lady, Ananya. Naitik’s sisters, Nandini marries Mohit Agarwal and grasps Yash and Rashmi marries Nikhil.

Following four years

Naitik recovers from obviousness and fight to bond with his young, shrewd kid Naksh. Nikhil divorces a pregnant Rashmi. In a little while, the family needs to defy Gayatri’s downfall after which, Rashmi delivers a young lady whom she names Gayatri after her mother and Rajshekhar’s remarriage to a separated from individual Devyani who has two adolescents Naman and Muskaan.

Despite Naksh encountering diabetes, he wins in a football organize. Anshuman and Jasmeet similarly as Naman and Karishma get hitched. Nandini delivers Anmol elsewhere Akshara and Naitik have a young lady Naira. Naksh appreciates his sister Naira so much that he moreover bunks his school for her. After a short time, Muskaan and Alok marry while Mahendra Pratap kicks the basin and Kaveri deficiencies Akshara for the equal and removes her. Naitik and Akshara close by their children move out.

Following ten years

They move to Cape Town in South Africa and have been living there since. Naksh re-appearances of Udaipur and convinces Kaveri to pardon a guiltless Akshara, and thus the family return and rejoin. Rashmi marries Sameer and her young lady Gayatri recognizes him.

Naksh goes gaga for Tara. On account of her kin Sangram, Akshara falls into a lake and is saved by Naitik, yet encounters temporary visual lack and recovers soon.[10] It is revealed that Kuhu is the young lady of Shaurya and Sneha, Naitik’s agent, due to past extramarital issue. The family renounces Shaurya yet later recognizes him. By then, Ananya and Ranveer get hitched. Naksh breaks his wedding considering Tara’s prenup. Of course, fearing of wrongly charged for her partner Sukanya’s passing, even by Akshara and terrified of confinement, Naira escapes Udaipur.

A couple of years afterward

Naira lives in a shelter in Rishikesh and has grown up as unwavering anyway untrustworthy and grandiose where she meets Kartik Goenka, an energetic and positive man. Akshara comes to there to back the asylum and finds Naira there. She brings her back on the appearance of saving her safe house. Naira begins to recognize her family beside Akshara. Kartik shows up Udaipur as Naitik’s delegate where a warmth triangle is encircled between him, Gayatri and Naira. Kartik comprehends his warmth for Naira while Gayatri for Kartik. Yash and Rose get hitched as over the long haul, Naira recognizes Akshara.

Akshara, Kartik, Naira and Gayatri save Naitik who was caught and tried to be butchered by Naman. Thereafter, Kartik concedes his veneration for Naira yet she escapes. After a short time, Naman’s offense is revealed to the family beside Mishti and everyone renounces him and hands him to police.

Naira is bewildered about her love yet later comprehends her love for Kartik and let it out as Gayatri repentances her love for her. Akshara is killed in a sudden car crash achieved by Kartik’s cousin Mansi for which Kartik is denounced. The Singhanias and Maheshwaris surrender Kartik anyway soon they comprehend that he isn’t at fault and bails him.

Scarcely any months sometime later, Kartik and Naira get hitched in an incredible capacity. Kartik despises his father Manish and his movement mother Suvarna as he remarried her after his mother’s downfall and in reality acknowledges he was at risk for the equal. Everyone in a little while finds that Mansi is the explanation behind Akshara’s passing anyway with the heavy heart Naksh-Naira takes the case back and the families oblige. Thereafter, the family get Naksh and Keerti married after Aditya’s offenses come into light. From the outset wedding to benefit Naira, he logically starts revering Keerti. It is similarly revealed that Shubham is Suvarna and Manish’s youngster. Naira fulfills her people dream about opening a move establishment. Shubham kicks the container due to overdose of prescriptions and Naira is denounced for covering his illegal medication use. Naira leaves as Kartik and Suvarna don’t trust in her. Subsequently, Kartik and Naira get detached.

Following two years

Naira close by Naitik lives in Mumbai. Accidentally, Kartik becomes teacher for a comparative class which Naira joins. Over the long haul, Anmol and Mansi get hitched as Kartik-Naira get isolated. Notwithstanding, soon both similarly as Suvarna comprehend their mistakes and rejoin.

Naira after a short time experiences a clinical methodology for a brain coagulation and remarries Kartik. Keerti and Naira are later both revealed to be pregnant. They meet with a setback when Keerti slips into obviousness. Both experience movement while Naira’s baby youngster is instructed dead after which Kartik exchanges the kids. As Keerti stirs from outrageous lethargies, the family finds it out and faces him. Naira finally loses her memory anyway finally recuperates memory and they rejoin.

Further, Samarth falls for a pregnant Gayatri and marries her after Vivaan’s destruction. Naira right now enters the business after Manish’s heartattack. Kartik feels temperamental of Naira’s clamoring every day practice. Naira finds she is pregnant. On his misguided judgment and requests with respect to her association with Mihir, Naira censures him and storms out of the house without teaching him in regards to her pregnancy and meets with a setback and is normal dead by the family.

Following five years

Naira lives in Goa with their kid Kairav, while Kartik has found solace in his nephew Vansh. At long last, as Kartik marries Vedika, everyone finds that Naira is alive and Kairav is their kid. Notwithstanding endeavoring to move away from each other, Kartik and Naira approach which bothers Vedika. After a short time they comprehend their love and rejoin and Vedika plans for discrete from Kartik. After the sum of her undertakings to have Naira’s spot, she comprehends her stumbles and leaves the family. Luv, Kush and Abhishek’s offense of assaulting Trisha is revealed and they get caught. After a short time, Kartik finds that his and Naira’s daughter is alive, who was earlier thought dead not long after the birth, and searches her.


Performers, close by their different characters, disguised in light dull are extended people whose characters kicked the container all through the plan.


Karan Mehra As Naitik Singhania

Hina Khan As Akshara Singhania

Character Portrayed by Year(s) Description

Akshara Singhania Hina Khan[11] 2009–2016 Naitik’s loved one, Naksh and Naira’s mother, Vishambharnath and Rajshri’s young lady, Shaurya’s more energetic sister. Introduced as an overflowing and joyful youngster, Akshara’s marriage with Naitik was engineered by her family members. Regardless, all through the long haul, she wind up being the estimable young lady in-law of the Singhania family, Naitik’s genuine impeccable accomplice and a mindful mother to her youths. Khan quit the show in November 2016 to search after various endeavors and her character was seemed to have passed on by tumbling off a cliff due to a minor accident due to Mansi.[12]


Vishal Singh 2016–2018

Naira Goenka Shivangi Joshi[14] 2016–present Kartik’s better half, Kairav’s mother, Akshara and Naitik’s daughter, Naksh’s more energetic sister.

Kartik Goenka Mohsin Khan[15] 2016–present Naira’s better half, Kairav’s father, Manish and Soumya’s kid, Keerti’s more energetic kin.


Character Portrayed by Year(s) Description

Rajshri Maheshwari Lata Sabharwal 2009–2019 Ratan’s sister; Vishambharnath’s better half; Shaurya and Akshara’s mother.

Sunaina Maheshwari Neelima Taddepalli 2009–17, 2018 Omkarnath’s better half; Anshuman’s mother.

Bhairavi Maheshwari Vineeta Malik 2009–17, 2018 Vishambharnath and Omkarnath’s mother.

Vishambharnath Maheshwari Sanjeev Seth 2009–17, 2018 Bhairavi’s senior kid; Rajshri’s better half; Shaurya and Akshara’s father; Omkarnath’s senior kin.

Omkarnath Maheshwari Manu Malik 2009–16, 2018 Bhairavi’s more energetic kid; Vishambharnath’s more young kin; Sunaina’s better half; Anshuman’s father.

Shaurya Maheshwari Ather Habib 2009–13 Vishambharnath and Rajshri’s kid; Akshara’s senior kin; Varsha’s better half; Ananya and Kuhu’s father.


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